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Landlord Tapping Power Supply

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So my landlord has been tapping power illegally for god knows how long, recently he caught wind of a council inspection so he had his own electrician out for 3 days rewiring the system. I'm a silly muppet that has been renting the outhouse on the same land and recently had my power go off and on for 5 days because of it.

How easy would it be to get this reported and if it was reported could they ever detect that he had been fleecing the system?

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If they did a forensic type inspection, because of suspicion of energy theft, then they could almost certainly find evidence of tampering.

For example, with gas meters, it is possible to tell if a gas meter has been removed and refitted, because undoing the nuts scratches the threads, and releases metal particles. When the meter is done up again, these particles cause a characteristic pattern of scratches on the threads and this can be shown on microscopic examination, and indicates that a meter has been removed and refitted without being refurbished.

Similar techniques are available for electric meters.

If you think there is energy theft, call your local power network operator. They will investigate with the electricity supplier.

Just be aware that if you report it, and they find evidence, they will disconnect the power on the spot unless the LL pays up (a generously estimated bill - e.g. if they find evidence of weed farming, they'll estimate £100 per day since the last official meter reading) in full then and there. The power stays off until the bill is paid in full (or an agreement is reached as to how much is owed - in practice, they will often take anything they can get).

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Just be aware that if you report it, and they find evidence, they will disconnect the power on the spot unless the LL pays up...

OP: Do you have a separate account with the power company from the LL, your own meter and your own bill? If so, then the power company should not disconnect your own suppply, and if they do you can just report it to them as a fault. If, however, your electricity is bundled into the rent and your home doesn't have a separate account and meter, then if your LL is disconnected, you will be along with him. At that point your only recourse would have a complaint about your LL to the council's environmental health people, to the effect that he's renting out somewhere that is not fit for human habitation. Whatever the consequences for the LL, the likely end result is that you'll be looking for a new home.

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