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Turned Out Nice Again

Jolie And Hague On The Bbc

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Anybody actually buying this? the report claims 10s of thousands raped during Bosnian war. i thought all of that had been long discredited as anti-serb propaganda -- non-existant "rape camps" etc.

Jolie and Hague visit Bosnia in campaign against sexual violence


Turns out Jolie is promoting a movie.

Hague? if he told me the sun was shining, i'd head back home for an umbrella.

And the fact that their crusade is being headlined by the BBC (with their record) only makes me more skeptical.


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I don't believe that it was even close to that scale. Sure it happened, it was a nasty war, and they will be able to find victims to "evidence" their claims. That is however a whole world away from supporting their assertion that it was an organised policy.

Actors often think that appearing in a film about something makes them experts, I suppose that's why they're good actors: in their minds they become the person they play.

IIRC after some quick training Stallone was thinking he was a match for the other (real) footballers in Escape to Victory and asked them to play properly for credence; he rapidly found he of course wasn't.

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