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Young Drinkers Fuel Demand For Liver Transplants

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Most people think they have their drinking under control but the liver suffers even if you aren't a heavy drinker...

Young drinkers are fuelling the demand for liver transplants, a top London doctor warned today.

Dr Kosh Agarwal, from King’s College Hospital, said an “explosion” of liver disease is putting a huge burden on the NHS, with people in their thirties needing treatment for the first time.

The transplant physician and consultant hepatologist said: ‘We’re seeing an explosion of liver disease. We’re seeing for the first time younger patients with alcohol-related problems who need transplants, and some are dying because they can’t get donors.

“These are not your typical alcoholics under the arches with a brown paper bag. This is affecting the whole spectrum of society — professional people with problems which haven’t been picked up. Yet this could be preventable if people were caught earlier.”


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Why? Are you trying to say this will impact house prices?

It's more 'the impact' of house prices related to the story!

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Fair point about not needing to be an alcoholic.

I've yet to find a proper scale of this; with heroin it seems to be black and white if you're an addict or not but it's far more gradated with alcohol but all you really get is "may have a problem".

At the extreme is someone like Gazza who has a pint and then wakes up in bed three days later surrounded by empty gin bottles.

Then you have the people I worked with in the City (including me for a couple of years) who held down a job fine but drank a lot every night partly related to that job. Two I knew would eat food infrequently, often missing days, but none of them had that addiction as Gazza has.

Then daily drinkers next down the scale, and so it continues to the teetotaller.

It's s complicated drug! I'm not aware that I've ever known an actual alcoholic.

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