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Linux Usb With Persistence That Runs Truecrypt

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Hi - I managed to create a linux usb for banking with persistence that ran Truecrypt and ran on an old laptop with a ultra fussy wireless card. However, that was a few years ago an I've forgotten what I used. The trouble I'm having is that in the distros I've tried so far the Truecrypt exe doesn't run in the terminal or the laptop doesn't connect via wireless. The only distro I've managed to get working is Tails which is based on Debian. However, Tails is overkill and creating persistence is tricky. I'm using the stick for banking and the non TOR browser would be spat out by some banks and or look like a hack.

What I would like is a Debian usb which does the above but I've tried and in honesty it's too much for me. Debian is complicated.

So any suggestions please ?



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A Debian-based puppy?


Thanks - I'll try that. I did get lubuntu running with Truecrypt. The exe for the latest version of Truecrypt doesn't run in the terminal despite trying a manual install. However a previous

version opens up in the terminal and gave me the clue as to why a manual install of the latest version didn't run. All of the tutorials I read suggested that /home/ubuntu/Downloads had to been entered into the terminal and then run sh truecrypt-7.1-setup-x86. However, the old version of Truecrypt opens in the terminal with the promt /Downloads (without the /home/ubuntu). The /home/ubuntu/Downloads path was not finding the file ! I despair at Linux sometimes.

Anyway thanks again and I'll try puppy.


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Why truecrypt? Truecrypt is not commonly used on Linux, there are better native tools.

Odd you should say that because I sat there just now wondering why I had become obsessed with TC ! I guess it's because my files are encrypted with TC but as you say it's just a case of decrypting and re-encrypting with a native tool. Anyway it's done now and I'm all the wiser. What would you advise ?

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What would you advise ?

Well I would use (and I do use) the filesystem encryption that's built into the Linux kernel itself.

To encrypt single files (as opposed to the whole filesystem) I use gpg.

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