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The Dependent Generation: Half Young European Adults Live With Their Parents

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Almost half of Europe's young adults are living with their parents, new data suggests – a record level of dependency that has sobering social and demographic implications for the continent.

One of the most comprehensive social surveys of 28 European countries reveals on Tuesday that the percentage of people aged 18-30 who were still living with their parents had risen to 48%, or 36.7 million people, by 2011, in tandem with levels of deprivation and unemployment that surged during five years of economic crisis.

The data from EU agency Eurofound, obtained by the Guardian, shows that few countries are immune and that the phenomenon is not exclusive to the debt-laden Mediterranean rim. The figures show large rises in the number of stay-at-home twentysomethings in countries such as Sweden, Denmark, France, Belgium and Austria. In Italy, nearly four-fifths (79%) of young adults were living with their parents.

However, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland and the UK saw decreases in their numbers over that period – in Britain, the figure fell from 30% to 26%.

One of the report's authors, Anna Ludwinek, said: "The situation of youth has really fundamentally changed. And it looks different from the situation of their parents and grandparents.

"It's not only the world of work that has changed but society is changing, so the transitions are becoming much more unpredictable; people are not having a job for life or live in one place for life."

And no mention of house prices from skim reading.

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Short term gain has lead to long term economic decline.

If they (tbtb) allowed us larger areas of land to build our homes on in the UK, then we would consume / buy more stuff from building materials to the goods that go within.

It would be great for those that owned productive companies and shares, but I guess these owning unproductive land and collecting rents must overpower those owning productive business.

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And no mention of house prices from skim reading.

Depends on the country

In Spain, it has nothing to do with house prices and everything to do with a lack of jobs

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