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End Of Tenancy Cleaning

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Hi everyone

Our tenancy is coming to an end and I've moved out already. The house has been cleaned top to bottom and is the same if not better than we moved in (we even added a minor improvement of a mirror and shelf in the bathroom). On our tenancy inspection report it says 'carpets were professionally cleaned prior to start of tenancy and proof required to confirm they have been tended to at the end'. Now if they were professionally cleaned it was a poor job as the smelt of old dog (previous tenant had a dog).

We put on our stock list when moving in that this was the case so they knew about it. Now my concern is we've cleaned it to a professional standard do we still need proof? Because to hire a professional seems a waste of money when we know they wont make much difference.

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If they try this on, you have two arguments:

1) They can only require you to clean to the same standard. Hence they need to show proof that is has been professionally cleaned at the start of the tenancy.

2) Secondly: The office of fair trading has produced a report on unfair tenancy terms, see http://www.oft.gov.uk/shared_oft/reports/unfair_contract_terms/oft356.pdf If I recall correctly they object to terms that require the tenant to perform a professional clean independent of whether it is necessary. See page 50 of that document, which directly connects with point 1.

Also helpful might be documents produced by the deposit protection schemes on this particular problem that discusses the above in a bit more detail. See for example: https://www.mydeposits.co.uk/landlords/resources/

Anyway make sure you take pictures with proof of date showing the state of the property upon return if you have any concern that landlord/agent is going to try it on.

ps) If they didn't protect your deposit you will of course have much more fun as you have a claim for a substantial sum on the landlord in that case.

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Professional cleaning of carpets isn't needed as it would fall under the 'fair wear and tear' provisons.

Obviously,if you've burned massive holes in them then that's a different issue,but in my expereince take any charges to the TDS and let them decide the bill.

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