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“perception Management” First The Bbc

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Now strictly speaking I know this little offering should be in the "Off Topic" section. But seeing as only "signed up members" can use the "newest postings since your last visit" option ......[very handy and another great reason why you should stop being a lurker and sign up to be a member :D ]

But it illustrates one of tthe most important weapons Governments and VI's employ to mislead you " Perception Management" or as some would say WMD the use of the "Weapon of Mass Deception"

This weapons strong point is that it does not need a lengthy runway, or a bunker built into a moutain side, or a nuclear sub under the polar ice cap to deliver it to its target. No the delivery options are plentiful and for the most part cheap to produce. And it gets better still, the intended target pays for the prefered delivery systems themselves. Yep you have guessed it, they are your daily papers, and your television.

Yes I know I some would say I waffle on :blink: but I like to believe the devil is always to be found lurking in the detail :rolleyes: So here goes.

One of my favourite adverts is the Barclays one….you know the one with the gubbings in the Perspex box. with its inventor showing it to all his banking colleagues ……[inventor speaking to the gubbings].....Can you tell us which are the best investments for our customers….Yep……Well go on then……I dont want to…...Why not?......Because there’s no point you are all surplus to requirements…….At this point the gubbings shoots off on its little castors…… with the fat guy on the end fearing he was going to loss his job.. saying …..But I’ve a family and a mortgage………[cut to] the Perspex clad box plug lead comes out of the wall socket and it grinds to a halt saying ...........Oh bugger.

Right next time it’s on you just notice….the fat guy on the end just says ….but…

You see the “Perception Management” team realised the advert was sending out a subliminal message, that it is reasonable to worry about your mortgage in a contracting jobs market…….Come on Guys we sell mortgages, its not our job to pay thousands of pounds in adverts telling people it is right and proper to worry about their mortgages

Dictionary entry for subliminal

1. below the threshold of conscious perception. Used of stimuli.

2. Inadequate to produce conscious awareness but able to evoke a response: subliminal propaganda.

Now that example in it’s self is funny, but the very fact the advert has been edited just proves how much store Big Business and Government put into “Perception Management” You want to know why ?..................Well because it works that’s why, Hell they sold you an illegal war using “Perception Management” didn't they.

And the BBC is one of the biggest culprits; indeed I saw a fine example of it on BBC Online today. In fact I have written an email complaining about it to the BBC. I may even raise the question with my MP about the BBC becoming less trust worthy regards the accuracy or the omission of news worthy articles. Which can be for no other reason than to misrepresent reality for political purposes?

I will present the said article and two other articles relating to comments made in the BBC article. There is a subliminal message in the BBC news article, which taken on face value belies the reality of the situation.. The other two articles from other mainstream news organisations, one UK one US based cover the issue in question with more clarity. And there is a link to another website supporting my argument. But I’ll leave it a couple of days to see if I get a response form the BBC.

Though I suspect the issue in question will not be of interest to most people on this site, because for a start they will have had their perception “Managed” regarding this particular issue over many years.

But nonetheless it will be worth giving it consideration, if only to make you aware how “Perception Management” works.. And how they are using it to good affect on an issuse nearer to home the percieved health of the economy and in turn The Housing Market.

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Are you sure they didn't just shorten the ad for cheaper re-runs?

That's what they usually do.

:lol::lol::lol: That was a long post

From.... >But I’ve a family and a mortgage< to >But<

Shorter than yours :D

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