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A Handy Guide To Renting Ebook

Ellie Swain

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Welcome to the forum.

That guide is a Landlord's dream come true, or should I say a tenant whose knowledge extends only as far as what is contained in the guide is a Landlord's dream come true. Missing vital information and has loads of other largely irrelevant stuff about parks and gyms. If you are posting the guide from a position of interest(a bit of Googling suggests you are), it would be good to know that to start with as it is very poor and if you are in a position to improve it, it would be great to do so.

Negotiating on the asking rent, various tenancy length options(despite what an agent might say), minimum notice periods, what happens at the end of an agreed tenancy period and the requirements regarding the protection of deposits are notably absent from the literature but are critical information. Likewise nothing on resolving any disputes about deposit deductions(eg provision for wear and tear), or underhand/sharp practices to watch out for (S21 being signed at start of tenancy).

Also contains a blatant inaccuracy about TV Licensing, no license is required to watch 'on demand' services.

The quoted rent for Merseyside 1 bed flat is off the scale at £836/month too- only 7 out of over 700 1 bed flats in 'Merseyside on Rightmove' have rents in excess of £836 pcm, and less than 60 have asking rents of over £600/month.


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Yep, you'll potentially be taken to the cleaners with that guide.

For example, (and from bitter experience) - don't just take an inventory - photograph every mark/stain/damage before you move in.

I'm afraid you have to assume landlord/agent are hostile forces out to screw you if you don't want to lose out big time - no matter how nice and friendly they first appear.

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Total b&llocks, every last word of it.

"Freebies - council tax, bills and furniture can be included saving you bundles in the long run." None of these are freebies, you will pay for them in your rent. In the long run furnished can cost you much much more. And you can get genuinely free furniture off freecycle and the like.

"Handyman on hand" - good luck with that, let's hope he doesn't bill you for the damage, or evict you for causing trouble.

"Friends for life with your housemates" - more likely to drive you mad with their behaviour

"On-site facilities like built-in washing machines" - washing machines are inexpensive, and the one your landlord fits certainly will be cheap crap.

"Helping hands - estate agents can offer useful advice" - if their lips are moving, they are lying. Don't trust them on anything. Ask them, but assume it's all BS. E.g., the station will be twice as far as they claim, the crime rates much higher, etc.

"Credit rating - paying your bills can help when buying a home" - well maybe, but it depends which bill. Unpaid rent won't immediately affect your credit rating (only if you are taken to court for non-payment). But some of the other bills (e.g., mobile) will, if you don't pay them. They aren't beneficial though, for that you need a couple of credit cards, paid off in full every month.

"TV licence needed for on-demand" - no it's not, get f*cked.

"Rent average for 1-bed in London is £1310, average shared room is £672" - so why does page 13 say £1022 and £511?

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SeSoMe ‏@SpeakToSeSoMe · Mar 13

New to renting? Check out our 'Handy guide to renting' created for @Gumtree http://blog.gumtree.com/rentsmart-handy-guide-to-renting/

cheeznbreed · Mar 19

@SpeakToSeSoMe The guide for @Gumtree is a travesty. Riddled with errors and Nothing on deposit protection/disputes, S21, AST lengths etc.

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