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Just wondering if anyone had any experience of living in Levenshulme?

We're looking at buying a house in the West Point/Rushford Park conservation area. It wasn't an area I'd considered before and we were looking in the Heatons but having seen how much more house we can get for the money we're tempted by Levenshulme! I also know a few friends of friends who have moved there recently and keep hearing that it's going to be the new Chorlton! There are a couple of nice trendy cafes and a popular market so I think it would't be such a bad place to live and the conservation area is beautiful.

My main concern is schools - we don't have any kids yet but the property is big enough to be a long term home so schools is something we need to consider! Would be grateful if anyone had any insight!

Also slightly concerned about buying at the top of the market for levenshulme - is this a bit risky?


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I too have looked at some of those nice period houses in West Point conservation area, and those streets are nice, but look at the surrounding area and the main road through Levi - loads of big old houses that are lived in but are in a terrible state, decline over decades that isn't going to be reversed. Houses bought/rented cheap years back and not maintained, social issues and crime. Most families living there aren't going to leave, they won't get houses of that size for the same money elsewhere, so I don't see things improving much. Very unlikely to be the next Chorlton!

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There will always be people saying Levenshulme is a s***hole, but I think the area has potential.

Sure, there are rundown properties with multiple occupants in parts of Levenshulme (although not in the Rushford Park conservation area), and you do find some fairly undesirable residents - that is why houses in the area are not selling for more.

However, there is, increasingly, a more interesting mix of people living there, including some cash-stripped but fairly vital artists. There are several signs of improvement (including the weekly market and the cafes) and the train station is a massive plus - you get frequent trains, 7 minutes to Piccadilly.

Don't forget that Chorlton was fairly rundown and considered to be dangerous before its boom.

In my view, either you buy in a well established, mature area such as Chorlton or Didsbury, and pay a very large premium for it, or you take some risk and buy in an area that could improve massively. West Point and the adjacent streets are good candidates for the latter.

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every area that has had a downturn, is ripe for an upturn. you only have to look at Chelsea, Notting hill, in the 1950's. Hoxton, Hackney 15 years ago. Moss side was a conservative constituency in the 50's. Alderley edge was a quiet village, now its a footballers ghetto.

Levenshulme may not be desirable at the moment but if the properties fit the bill as in large Victorian and cheap that is an area that could have potential. watch out for those skips.

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