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Say No To 0870 Phone Numbers.

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Get freephone alternatives from this site for many well known companies including Sky, NTL,Currys and many more.

Nice on Lib I'll book make that thanks.

Consa it does not matter who you use for your calls when dialing 0870 and other such coded calls because BT set the tariff.

I too use a firm who charge 3P connection fee and Zero pence per minute for as long as you want anytime of day. 18866 it was 1 p connection when I joined way back in Febuary, still with them though.

But I use this firm Dialwise to ring my Son in Russia and my Sister in the States as its only 1p per minute whatever time of day, and no need to sign up with them either. It's 2p per minute with 18866 the robbing beggers :rolleyes: nar only kidding, using both for their seperate strengths gives me a good deal I reckon.

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Catch, would Dialwise work for ringing the Falkland Islands?

Ouch !!! 25p per min to ring a land line or a mobile

18866 don't even offer it as an option [not suprised]

Lib, if who you are calling has a PC, and you are both on broadband and if you both download Skype [its free to download] you can speak over the internet for Free. It's very clear as well, a mic and speakers option works but it is better with a headset. As it stops the other party hearing of what they are saying to you through your speakers and it feeding back to them through your mic. But I heard my friends talking to me absolutley fine as they were using headsets, cheap ones at that.

I've link to both those cheap phone options, you can see their prices in the country drop down lists.

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