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At Least 27 Dead And 162 Injured After Gang Of Knife-Wielding Men Attack A Train Station In China

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At least 27 dead and 162 injured after gang of knife-wielding men attack a train station in China

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Distressing photos show bodies and blood

Attack took place at the Kunming Railway Station in Yunnan province

Death toll would make attack the deadliest in recent Chinese history

Local TV station K6 said several of the attackers were shot by police

Authorities say it was an 'organised, premeditated, violent terrorist attack'

Just WTF.

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Isn't the near the muslim wannabe secessionist region of China?

Looks similar to the attack on that Indian? hotel three or four years ago and the Kenyan shopping mall. Organised muslim military style gang go in on a suicide mission.

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I'm sure this has been said many times already, but I'm pro-gun, and I doubt you'll hear anything about banning knives. It proves once again that it's the person doing the killing, not the weapon. This attack dwarfs most mass gun massacres!!

This is from the comment section, and I totally agree. If I was in the middle of this massacre, I'd be praying for a gun.

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I wondered whether the Guardian would manage to avoid using the word Muslim at all in their reports of the attack....they put it in the second to last para but cleverly written in a way that disassociates it with the attack itself...


If this was, say, a group in India from a Hindu area attacking people in a non-Hindu area, I wonder if they would have been so coy...


oops, no, there it is in the headline. Sheesh. It's almost as if they have an agenda!

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