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Death Of The Middle Classes

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Why are banking salaries making a mockery of their professions?

Basically because the existence of our essential and legally sanctioned medium of exchange depends upon commercial bankers lending it to us at interest.

Give any group of people that power and incrementally everyone else becomes a debt slave.

For the obvious sensible alternative of a collectively (i.e. publicly) issued, debt-free, persistently circulating money supply see:


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It's not that modest then is it.

Think two things at play here. Firstly the triumph of the babyboomers and their tacit support for the appalling escalation in property prices will militate against people in similar occupations to their parents from ever achieving the same lifestyle enjoyed by those same parents.

Secondly as you say, perhaps what was deemed "modest" was never really viable for anyone apart from the babyboomers, and we are approaching the point where centrist social democracy can not survive much longer in the modern version of super globalised capitalism

Perhaps this is the case below:

"Long before today’s urgencies struck, European governments of the left, right, and centre alike spent incontinently and told the recipients that the borrowed cash was little sort of their birthright."


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It never ceases to amaze me the number of authors that post links to their books, on how brilliant it is and why we should buy it so that they can get rich.

Really? Are you referring to my opening post? The death of the middle classes is a topic directly related to house price inflation, hence my interest. I most certainly am not the author, and indeed don't even live in Britain. Rather, I was genuinely interested to see if anyone had came across or perused this book before I decide whether it's worth shelling out via ordering through the net or whatever.

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