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Yorkshire Property Pages On A Diet Of Rentals

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Yorkshire Post property section is now only 10 pages long. I appreciate this is a slow time of year but the local Gazettes - Ripon/Knaresborough/Harrogate - who share a Friday property section used to be about 90% sales/10% lettings are now about 60/40.

For those of you who are a little nostalgic for Docklands new-build property and the early 90s in general this piece from the YP might resonate:


Lanson Developments is offering a choice of £10000 worth of incentives to buyers of apartments at Equilibrium, the £18m luxury development in Lindley, near Huddersfield.

The offer, which runs until December 19, on selected properties includes either a new MINI One, a £10k investor package (guaranteed monthly rental income over a period of nine months plus a furniture package), or £10000 cashback.

Anyone interested should telephone 0800 3282828.


Apart from the delicious juxtaposition of "luxury" and "Huddersfield" (and the "pop - going flat later" developers name) presumably the reason they offer incentives rather than simply reducing the price is that they would have a riot on their hands if those who have already bought saw the same properties for sale 10k cheaper.

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The Yorshire Post Property Section editorials are to the VI groups what GW is to the Christian Fundamentalists

One today [written by an estate agent naturally] entitled: Common sense boost to Yorkshire prices........ thats the most bullish spin he could put on an article that in a roundabout way says..... vendors have to lower their price expectations if they wish to have any chance of selling.

Yep this is historicaly how market corrections are recognised as being in place...watching for the way the Spin is Spun. Estate Agents are really just "Cowboys" but without the hat or the horse, but you already knew that :rolleyes:

No, what I mean is, they have in essence to "roundup" the vendors and sellers so they can brand the commision stamp on them. But they have got to be careful not to "spook" the herd before they do, or there will be no wages paid for them to go down to the salon for their Whiskey and Women.... HeeHarr

First the message is..........Yep I can get you that price no problem..........Oh theres buyers alright, it's just that most folk are planning their holidays right now ..................on their holidays.........it's to hot to be viewing house they are all down the beach.........don't worry it will go for asking in the autumn bounce no problem................ wrong time of year, theres leaves on the rails.......................theres plenty of interest if you price the property realistically

Jeez its like drawing teeth but we are getting there :D

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