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Another Brick Nearly Thrown At My Tv

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I caught a hilarious and sad programme on TV today "fantasy homes by the sea" (I couldn't help myself - it's like rubbernecking a car crash). A banker and his housewife live in Fulham and want to buy a second home by the sea. They want a large home with a sea view in the Lymington or Chichester areas. And they proudly announce they have a budget of £1m.

The first house is ordinary and "far too small" and 2 miles from the sea. The second house is "a bit pokey" (it has an annexe for the au pair though). Clearly the housewife isn't going to get any bragging rights with the Fulham yummy mummies with these properties. "Look, if you stand on your toes upstairs you can see the top of a yacht's mast!"

Then she's shown a nice house on the clifftop, unfortunately it's £2.9m. Oh dear.

The third house is £1.2m and she says "I don't love it" but her expectations are being moderated by now. She says the price is "quite toppy" ... maybe the penny is starting to drop.

Next place is a bungalow squeezed in among other bungalows. The garden is "too tiny". It's nothing special and it's also £1.2m. When she hears that she says "whoa!".

It seems even bankers are deluded about what £1m will buy you.


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Whatever they have got.....some people will never be satisfied, they will always want more....the same as some will never be happy or contented because someone will always have more and better than them....quite sad really. ;)

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I live in this area. After experiencing the St Valentine's Day storm you really don't want a home here with a sea view.

A local restaurant near a pebbly beach had a full house that evening, stones from the beach were being blown inland and broke most of the windows, then a big wave came ashore and smashed all the cars in the car park against the restaurant wall. I love this area, but thirty full gales a year takes a bit of getting used to.

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Get back to us after you've thrown the brick.

In the meantime what we're really saying: "I can't go on strike - I'll lose more than I gain".

That's why negative equity is dangerous - it tends to remove that restraint from mortgagors.

We'll probably have to wait for Ukraine conditions.

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