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Gordon Brown And His Brothers

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Last night after Question Time I watched

This Week

Andrew Neil is joined by MP Diane Abbott and former MP Michael Portillo to discuss political and parliamentary developments from the past seven days, and talk to guests who have made the headlines.

Neil asked Labour MP Diane Abbot if she knew for whom Gordon Browns brother worked, she replied The BBC. Which as it happens turns out to be correct...could answer alot of questions considering recent debate about BBC impartiality as discussed on this forum :rolleyes:

But Neil said, well yes but I mean his other brother....well it turns out said brother holds a high position in the PR department of a French Nuclear Power Generator. Abbot said well thats news to me, tell them rebles nowt Gordon says :rolleyes:

I was doing other things at the time, so my ears only picked when I heard Nuclear Power Generation. As the UK buy French power and French power suppliers own companies such as Atlantic Power whom I buy my electricity from. So position held or actual company name I did not catch.

Hey Ho look out for French companies building Nuclear Power Plants in Britain when Good Ole Gordon becomes PM ...maybe :rolleyes:

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More importantly, Nuclear Power is an area where the BBC has been softening people up (in my view) over the last 6-12 months on the basis that Govt knows it is the only reliable way we can retain energy independence and avoid being held ransom in future when Oil/Gas peak. The Govt will need to win the lefties over and the BBC (and eventually Grauniad) will be used to do it.

Check the BBC website for some news stories over the last year - they are far more even handed and even mildly in favour (or prepared to lead one to believe them necessary) than I would have thought were it not Labour who were in power.

BBC impartiality? Er..

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I found it very interesting too: its Insider Trading at the highest level. The firm is EDF.

Evening Standard...London -7 October 2005

Brown's EDF connection

WHEN the future Prime Minister Gordon Brown gives the green light to a new nuclear build, probably anointing EDF as a potential bidder, the reaction of the company will be worth hearing. For EDF's spinmeisterin-chief - whose role is to play down the French group's plundering of the UK energy market, buying up London Electricity, Seeboard and Sweb while it has a protected monoply in its own giant, domestic market - is Andrew Brown, younger brother of the current Chancellor. The younger Brown declined to comment on EDF's nuclear credentials as the world's foremost operator, producing 80% of France's electricity from its fleet of 50 reactors.

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EDF floats on the market - why do that now? Are they positioning themselves so that they can be in a position to tap the capital markets for money for an investment programme somewhere?

Why did Brown tax North Sea oil and gas producers despite being told that it would directly lead to divestment from exploration into new reserves?

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How convenient!

The three companies are in pole position to run new UK nuclear power stations as British Energy, operator of the country's nuclear power fleet, will be excluded.

British Energy produces nearly a fifth of the electricity generated in Britain from eight stations, the majority of which are due to close by 2020.

However, after last year's Treasuryordered state aid and financial restructuring, the European Commission has banned it from new nuclear build until well into the next decade.

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Brown pays tribute to business supporters

"We welcome your support and look forward to your continued support in order for London to host a Games that will be remembered as a great national success," the Chancellor told guests including EDF Energy Chief Executive Vincent de Rivaz and BT Chief Executive Gavin Patterson.

EDF Energy and BT are two of the five Premier Partners who have supported London's bid, along with British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Accenture.


U.K. budget can further open gates for BPO to India.

Business process outsourcing deals come pouring down to India. If U.K. Chancellor Gordon Brown's pre-budget report is anything to go by, India can look forward to more outsourcing contracts from UK banks and insurers in the near future.

In his proposals on Thursday, Brown hinted a possible clampdown on value added tax (VAT) loopholes, which allowed outsourcing firms to avoid the levy on contracts, which will save millions of pounds for the exchequer.

If the new proposal comes into play India could be the biggest beneficiary, since more UK companies could transfer their call centre and back office functions to India to avoid incurring VAT.

"India is attractive for other reasons apart from VAT, such as the lower labour costs. But it is another reason for banks and insurers to look offshore when they are considering outsourcing", Mr. Kendra Hann, head of London VAT at Deloitte accountancy group was quoted saying. 'If one has to claw back at the 17.5 percent tax, the best way in which do it would be to move offshore. New proposal could inadvertently help offshore suppliers, which are not subject to this tax', said Mr. Nigel Roxburgh, co-founder of The National Outsourcing Association.

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