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Heads-Up: Channel 4 News About To Consider Role Of Ppi Claims In The "recovery"

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Still looking pretty solid from here, latest figs Nov 2013 from the FCA below.

They'll drop off eventually but they are a steady £5Bn+ economic stimulus, and maybe way more than that if they are used as a downpayment on a car, which I think is beyond question.


Jan £439.3m

Feb £409m

Mar £375.9m

Apr £424m

May £422m

Jun £498m

Jul £528m

Aug £446m

Sep £444m

Oct £524m

Nov £425m


Jan £405.4m

Feb £473.1m

Mar £501.6m

Apr £572m

May £735.3m

Jun £614.6m

Jul £512.3m

Aug £601.4m

Sep £516.4m

Oct £578.2m

Nov £410.8m

Dec £360.1m


Jan £36m

Feb £36.1m

Mar £32.4m

Apr £28.6m

May £39.8m

Jun £66.4m

Jul £103.2m

Aug £244.5m

Sep £225.3m

Oct £321.9m

Nov £464.4m

Dec £535.5m


Also worth noting that the FOS received 247k PPI complaints in six months to September, and 347k in the full year prior to that, so the rate of complaints has not slowed. But perhaps most of the bigger claims have now been resolved.


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How do I get my snout in the pork barrel?

Regrettably, as I typically only buy stuff I can afford and save up to do so, I haven't taken out lots of loans which seem to be the main source of the PPI claims. I do have a credit card though which has PPI on it ... what are the conditions for getting the free money? Would be a shame to miss out on the government cheese. ^_^

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