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Property Ladder Developers Not Impressed With Editing

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I believe I can clear a few things up.

First and foremost - if any of you actually believe that 25-30 minutes of selectively edited footage (from about 100 hours of actual footage) with a voiceover recorded less than a week before airing conveys anything approaching reality then you are living in cloud cuckoo land. Reality (ha!) TV has a way of concentrating on the bad points. and picking up off-hand comments - many of which where made to play-up to the camera.

Second. The housing market was not in our favour – house prices have barely moved in our area for well over 12 months.

As for the work being carried out by a couple of unintelligent numpties... All work carried out on the property was conducted under full plans building regulations – which where submitted before work began and we where in full consultation with a building control officer throughout the development – and yes we did have architects plans and full planning permission for the extension. All work was inspected and certified as it was carried out. We researched all of this before we began, to ensure that all work that we carried out conformed to the most current regs (i.e. changes to Part-P electrical safety - Jan 2005, new rules on gas combi boilers - April 2005)

The rotten timbers in the walls (particularly the sole plates seen when we where taking off the plaster) were replaced with new treated timber or with timber reclaimed from other areas in the house. The brick foundation on which they where standing was injected with a chemical DPC and the concrete floor was also sealed.

The floorboards in the house where shot – as where incidentally a lot of the joists – so much so that the ones in what became the bathroom had actually rotted back about 8 inches from the wall plate and were hanging free in space – hence the reason all of the joists where replaced. As an indication – we actually gained 5-6 inches of headroom in the living room by simply replacing the existing joists with new “straight” ones. We used a lot of the timber that was good to repair/replace the sole plates and vertical timbers.

The lime plaster was taken off as most of it had blown due to the excessive damp (despite what was said in the voice over) compounded by the fact that it had been wallpapered and then painted with vinyl silk – for a material that has to breath – this is very bad news. We had already done some research into using lime plaster and had booked on the lime plaster course (which was one day in April) knowing we had to carry out this work – we used all but a few buckets of the plaster – which will keep indefinitely as long as it remains sealed to the atmosphere. We also painted the lime plaster in lime wash paint to ensure that the problems with breathability where not encountered again.

The majority of the plumbing in the house was actually installed by a plumber (gas central heating needs to be installed by a corgi registered installer don’t you know!) and ok one of the bits that I did do myself leaked (which incidentally was not the plastic push fit pipes but the shower mixer valve - which dripped onto the plastic pipes seen in the program) – big deal, it’s the nature of plumbing – you don’t know it is installed right until you put water through and even professional plumbers get leaks – although that comment was conveniently edited out (see point one above).

And on a final note – at least were not those people that sit at home and says “oh – i`d love to do something like that” and then do nothing. Even if we had failed and made no profit – at least we gave it a go.


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So have they sold?

They've not said so.

No - Not completed yet!

Not yet - depends on christmas etc although it would be great if we can get it pushed through before - here`s hoping!


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