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Executive Sadman

Product Of Our 'further Education' System Summed Up

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Eating healthy.

Don't buy processed food.

Buy fresh fruit and veg.

Do you really need a degree to work this out?

No but I am sure some would like to charge you for one if up to it......

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Not a particularly 'scientific' piece but hey ho go with the flow....

You're being too kind imho

It's actually quite shoddy and, in places, misleading.

and wtf is 'brain food' supposed to be when it's at home? Dr Alex seems to be confusing 'brain food' with short term sugar rushes...

I thought I would stick to low carbs after we finished, but having my first meal with carbs - and the boost in energy and alertness it gave me - reminded me that for a month I had been under-performing in all areas of my life, and I'd felt dreadful.

edit: as an ex-smoker/ current vaper I'll have to remember that one. 'I'm not smoking. I'm inhaling brain food'.

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None of it seems particularly scientific. They test the effect it has on their brains by trading stocks.

ie, gambling.

Not much other than luck comes into it, unless they read hundreds of financial reports and statements, which i highly doubt, so im not sure what the point of their little 'test' was.

I only posted this as i was recently diagnosed with gout and had two doctors. Both differed entirely on what they said I should avoid drinking/eating.

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If short-term mental clarity and the ability to do well in trading/gambling scenarios are the criteria the good(?) doctor uses to assess the quality of 'brain food', how about bennies?...

In the series of books by Ian Fleming, the character James Bond repeatedly makes use of Benzedrine in times of peak stress and typically during the climax of various books. The character of James Bond's first use of Benzedrine is in the form of tablets in the book Live and Let Die (novel) [6] "...He still felt perfectly fresh and the elation and clarity of mind produced by the Benzedrine were still with him..." This scene occurs as James Bond is maneuvering through an underwater coral reef toward the island of Surprise off the coast of Jamaica. The next instance of James Bond using Benzedrine is in Moonraker (novel) where early in the book he uses a champagne and Benzedrine mixed drink (to which he says "Never Again.") to stay alert to beat the villain Hugo Drax at a game of high stakes contract bridge.

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But here's the problem: despite being doctors - I also have a degree in public health - neither of us knew much about losing weight and eating healthily.

That's why they're so well qualified to dish out advice to the overweight patients who innocently think doctors can help.

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