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Query About Rental Contracts In Northern Ireland


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Evening all, I'm not sure whether to post this here or in the Northern Ireland forum (or both...!). I recently moved to Northern Ireland from England because of work and am just about to sign a rental agreement with a private landlord.

Since I've always rented in England until now and am used to the law there, there are a few clauses that I'm wondering about in the agreement that I've been sent. I should explain the landlord is an accidental landlord, having bought the house some years ago and only having had one tenant before me who's been there for 6 years. In that time, I know the law on deposits, for instance, has changed (and the landlord doesn't seem to be aware of this and I will be making sure I let them know).

The clauses that are making me wonder are two in particular - one says I can give 2 months' notice on my tenancy to bring it to an end, but then a few clauses down there is another one which seems completely contradictory, which basically says if I leave before the end of the 1-year term I don't get my deposit back at all, "without exception". Can anyone advise on this? Is this common in NI, and is it legal? I will obviously be taking independent advice as well as soon as offices etc reopen on Monday but I really would welcome input from people on here, since I know you're a knowledgeable lot and I am finding many practices in NI VERY different.


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