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Jaw-Dropping Visualization Of Every Protest Since 1979

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worldwide protests from 1979-2013, visualized in one time-lapse image:


Penn State doctoral candidate John Beieler has created a time-lapse visualization of every protest on the planet since 1979. And it is jaw-dropping, and I mean that in a real way, not in a BS blogger-overhyping-this-incredible-amazing-thing way. No, this is truly amazing, because what you’ll see is tiny blips popping off here and there in the 1970s—a time we think of as highly politically charged—and nearly eclipsing the world starting with the late 90s anti-globalization protests and the second Iraq War up till our present moment.

I wonder what comes next?

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That looks like a measure of the rise of the Internet as a popular medium, and with it what gets reported as a protest.

Possible, it depends what sources the doctoral candidate who did this research used, if he only used MSM sources for recent years too then the Internet shouldn't have influenced his work, as even these days many (even large) protests get ignored by the MSM (as we have noted again and again here on HPC). We only hear about them thanks to alternative media on the internet.

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