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Dps Completely Clueless?

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Just a peculiar observation. I've had a lot of problems with DPS both as tenant and landlord (mainly the fact that they are slow to return payments, even after the LL has authorised the return).

Anyway, I recently came to the end of an AST and moved out. My recollection was that the deposit had been protected with DPS, and that in order to be able to do anything I would need the deposit number and repayment ID. I was unable to find the letter among all my boxes, and hadn't scanned it in so didn't have an electronic copy.

So I tried the search function on the DPS website. "No such deposit". So I e-mailed them with all the details, start date, deposit amount, etc. They replied, "We have no record of this deposit and therefore it is not protected by us. Please contact you landlord for information on your deposit".

The LL was adamant that it was protected with DPS, and this tallied with my recollection. The LL said he would get back to me with the details. As it happens, just as the LL got back to me, I found the DPS confirmation letter - all the details were exactly correct and were exactly what I had put in the e-mailed request for details to DPS. Typed the details into the website, and the deposit repayment was confirmed, and now I'm only just waiting for it to come through.

Just thought I'd mention this as I know some people have been checking with DPS and the other protection companies because of concerns about unprotected deposits. It appears that some of these companies really are so clueless that they don't even know if they are protecting a deposit or not, without the deposit ID number.

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Didn't work for me initially.

Did work when postcode all upper case with a space in it

Surname Proper case ie initial cap

Date picked from their date picker.

Otherwise same info.

Probably case sensitive or date picker does something weird.

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