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Just Seen This Promoted In My Linkedin Network

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Of course apart from anything else it just seems to be exploiting the difference between the number of properties being built compared to the increase in population - along with the all the other stuff like housing benefit, low interest rates and so and so on etc. About 1.3 million properties built during 2001 to 2011 compared to an increase in population of more than 4 million during that period. For sure it'll be even worse now as those figures are now 3 years old.. They all have to be crammed in somewhere.

It's a shameful state of affairs.

Next they'll be saying stuff like there's a shortage of UK scientists and engineers in the UK while at the same time making governmental keynote speeches to estate agents, bankers and property developers and of course very likely bankers and insurers etc at gatherings on property development building sites.- well blow me down, whatever could be the cause of the so called shortage.

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