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Northampton Vice Chancellor's Pay Package Tops £200K

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"Increases in University of Northampton staff on more than £100,000"

"The end-of-year statement for 2012/13, showed that one member of staff is paid between £180,000 and £189,999 per annum, one between £150,000 and £159,999 and seven between £100,000 and £109,999. In the previous year, only two members of staff were paid more than £100,000."

"The accounts showed the pay package of Professor Nick Petford, the vice chancellor, had increased from £198,000 to a total of £209,000."

If I were young...I'd be leaving.

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It gets worse...

University vice-chancellors in the Russell Group pocketed substantial pay rises at the same time as tuition fees rose to £9,000 a year, new figures show.

The average vice-chancellorial salary in the group rose by just over £22,000 to nearly £293,000 in 2012-13, according to a Times Higher Education analysis of 19 of the group’s 24 members.

Among those picking up improved deals last year was the outgoing president and provost of University College London, Sir Malcolm Grant, who received a £41,077 increase in his pay and pensions package to £365,432, despite having spent only three days a week at UCL after taking the chair of NHS England.


No doubt Malcolm Grant is on a good whack over at NHS England despite having trained in law, not medicine.

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All the other VC's are having pay increases clearly they are worth it. You need to pay to keep the talent otherwise they'll leave.

Luckily the pleb staff get the pay they deserve and a 1% increase because they aren't worth it.

We are all in it together.

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However, these simple facts hide a number of subtle factors that we investigated statistically. A variety of different analyses were conducted and many different models examined. For the most part, nearly every model led to the same conclusions.

UK vice chancellors and US public university presidents are paid comparably based upon the research quality of their faculty and the size of their student body.

Australian vice chancellors are generally significantly overpaid based upon the research quality and size of their institution. This is particularly the case for what are known as the G08 institutions.

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Osborne's efforts to generate wage inflation this side of the GE seem to be bearing fruit.


yeah, for small number of publicly funded people.

The deficit will balloon and the the collapse will come sooner.

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The biggest pay packet is bagged by Craig Calhoun, LSE’s vice chancellor, who receives a monstrous £466,000 a year. This is up from the £285,000 his predecessor Sir Howard Davies received.

Birmingham’s VC , David Eastwood, pockets £400,000 a year while Cambridge’s boss received a £20,000 pay-rise, bringing his package to £334,000.

Dr Wendy Piatt, director general of the Russell Group, had the audacity to defend the pay increase. She said: ““The salaries of vice-chancellors and other senior staff at our universities reflect their roles leading extremely complex, international organisations with annual turnovers of more than half a billion pounds on average.”

She added: “The success of our universities benefits Britain and is vital for growth: collectively they contribute more than £30 billion to the economy every year.

“Our vice-chancellors still earn significantly less than their counterparts in the United States or Australia despite running equally or, in some cases, more successful universities.

“We will continue to work closely with staff and unions to ensure that we provide competitive but sustainable pay and conditions for our highly valued staff.”

Luckily the personally contribute £30bn pound to the UK economy so they are worth it!

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Would that be £30B of freshly printed money, or £30B or recycled public money ?

Pay rises for Senior Staf at Universities (Vice-Chancellors, Pro-Vice-Chancellors and Academic Registrars has exploded within the last 10 years whereas pay for staff further down the chain has been stagnant. I've had a below inflation 1% annual pay rise every year since 2009.

More generally, there appears to be huge wage inflation for higher-paying jobs - will pay for plebs eventually follow suit?

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