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Btl Must Be Really Profitable

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Couldn't help but notice that our BTL 'gurus' over on the sad 'pig website now all seem to be promiting 'click to surf' programs in their signatures.

An example would be that fat loser who looks a bit like Dave Lee Stewart (BTL King), or 'Spoony' who has this little lot in his siggie:-

http://www.auto-surf.biz/?ref=xxx http://www.12dailypro.com/?ref=xxx http://www.dailytrust.net/?ref=xxx


http://www.aussieearners/?ref=xxx http://www.surfmunkee.com/?ref=xxx







Now correct me if I'm wrong, but these programs get you to spend ALL DAY sitting in front of a pc desperately clicking what they tell you to, in order to make a couple of bucks a week...

kinda begs the question, dont it? If BTL is so profitable, why desperately try and 'get paid to surf' ('get paid minute amounts to demonstrate publicly what a loser you are'???)

And what INCREDIBLE entrepreneurship... doh.. maybe if i click enough on these here links Darleen, we moight earn enuff to buy a bigger trailer.. doh...

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looks a bit like Dave Lee Stewart (BTL King)

He doesn't look a bit like Dave Lee Stewart. But his icon is a picture of Dave Lee Travis.

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