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Nintendo First Half Profits Slump

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Games Giant's Profit Dive

Updated: 08:16, Thursday November 24, 2005

Nintendo's first-half operating profit has plunged 51% due to sluggish sales of its GameCube console and related games.


Weak sales hit Nintendo profits

Gaming console makers are fighting to push consumers buttons

Japanese gaming firm Nintendo, creator of iconic characters Donkey Kong and Mario Brothers, has seen profits drop amid weak sales of its latest console.

Net profit dropped 21% to 36.6bn yen (£179m; $308m) in the six months to 30 September from 46.5bn yen a year ago.

Sales dropped 6.2% to 176.4bn yen as demand for the firm's GameCube waned.


Looks like Sky got a number wrong! :D

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The trouble with Ninty is they are a bit like NuLab. THEY think they know what the people SHOULD like : gameplay. They are probably right. Trouble is you can make much better adverts from games with photorealistic intros, and that is SONY's and XBOX's territory. If it wasn't for the Japanese love of "cute" they would have died years ago. IMHO. Like TTRTRs says, not a lot to do with housing.

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Meanwhile a quick look through a games mag would seem to imply that what they do like is chicks in skimpy outfits with big hooters.

Boys, some small some big, and their toys. Same with car publications aimed at the younger driver.

Ah, those good ole biological drives, dead useful to marketing types.

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Doesnt seem to mention the DS which last I heard was outselling the PSP 2 to 1. The Revolution will be awesome too! The only one of the next gen consoles worth looking at.

Ah, you're an optimist then! A basic requirement for us poor Nintendophiles.... 'it will get better, honest...' B)

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The next gen stuff is coming out about now so the current generation is winding down. It's no surprise that profits are hit at the moment. The Revolution is (potentially) very impressive, so I wouldn't worry about Nintendo in 2006.

This Christmas will go to Microsoft with the XBox 360.

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Oh well, at least they're doing better than Commodore :(:(:(:(:(:(

The Commodore 64 is outselling the PSP and DS in Germany Amazon.de link

I think the PAL version launches in the UK on December 2nd.

*Puts geek hat on* You can hack it and upgrade it with keyboard and even disk drives to turn it into a "proper" C64. Just do a google. *takes geek hat off*


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