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Mutant Oranges

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Just now sat down to have two juicy oranges (sliced into quarters cos I'm too lazy mostly to peel em)....

And it occurred to me that I can't for the life of me remember the last time I opened an orange and DID NOT find that it contained a horrible little 'baby' orange that had barely grown at one end - rather like a tumour.

Wouldn't care so much IF the flesh of these 'secondary' oranges within the main orange were equally as juicy, tasty etc - but they aint.

Seems to be regardless of brand, season, origin, quality.

So what gives? What happened to all the 'normal' oranges? You know. The ones that you peeled or sliced open and found just one whole orange - just like a Terrys Chocolate Orange.

Any farming/horticultural types here wanna let me know.


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I was on La Palma eating organic free-range etc etc oranges fresh from the tree a couple of weeks ago and this was also noticeable.

Must be normal

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Hmmmm.....interesting. So, it would seem, that the oranges that all the major supermarkets seem to supply these days are 'Navel' type oranges? You learn something new everyday.

Begs the question though.....why do I seem to recall, once upon a time, always eating 'normal' (i.e non-navel) oranges and today our major suppliers of fruit have deemed it OK to swap to these, as the article says, less juicy and less tasty category?

Is this another insidious and subtle form of food 'inflation'? Have we, gradually and sneakily, had the previously accepted/consumed higher quality oranges with these lower quality, less juicy categories? Do we now, if we insist of having 'normal' oranges, have to pay a premium for them?

Or is it just that the the 'normal' (and hence juicier) types of oranges are all diverted to the huge squeezed juice market instead? and there just aint enough supply for regular eating?

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