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Vince Cable: Interest Rates May Have To Rise To Combat Housing Boom

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So he hedges his bets a bit? Who else in parliament is even talking about these things?

Really, there are at least 649 other MPs I'd want to criticise before I got around to Vince.

Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk....have you noticed this is ALL Cable does?

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It's almost as if London needs a separate interest rate to the rest of country....

"Northern unemployment is an acceptable price to pay for curbing London house price inflation"

..the guy is past it ...he should be pushing to stop foreign investment in London housing ...this fragile imposter is encouraging a South (not Sea this time) Bubble which is as fake as the Government and BofE's understanding of Economics ...get rid of this element ..allow prices to adjust to realistic levels ....and you may just reach the starting line towards recovery..... :rolleyes:

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Am I mistaken? I'm sure Vince Cable was almost the HPC poster boy a few years back? What happened?

Two faced shit, that is why.

Quantitative easing a great unknown, says Vince Cable | Business ...

www.theguardian.com › Business › Quantitative easing‎

2 Mar 2012 - The consequences of injecting massive amounts of new cash into the economy to stave off a depression are only 'very imperfectly understood', ...

Exclusive: Vince Cable calls on Osborne to change direction


6 Mar 2013 - Business Secretary Vince Cable addresses delegates at the annual ... of the Bank's quantitative easing programme to include private sector ...

Vince Cable is pushing for more quantitative easing. But he's bound ...

blogs.telegraph.co.uk › News › Politics › James Kirkup‎

by James Kirkup - in 85 Google+ circles

19 Sep 2011 - Vince Cable has been the Cabinet's most public advocate of more quantitative easing from the Bank of England. The Business Secretary has ...

Quantitative easing: not actually evil – Telegraph Blogs

blogs.telegraph.co.uk › News › Politics › Daniel Knowles‎

9 Feb 2012 - Back in 2009, when the Bank of England first started its quantitative easing programme, Vince Cable denounced it as "Mugabe economics".

Vince Cable: Quantitative easing to help UK dodge economic ...

www.politics.co.uk › ... › British response to debt crisis‎

16 Sep 2011 - Vince Cable, business secretary, points to the success of quantitative easing in the UK as a means of staving off potential economic stagnation.

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Poor Vince. The only HPC-friendly member of the cabinet, yet half of HPC hates him.

I remember Ming Campbell mentioning his complete disdain for property investment. The complete opposite to his mate Chris Huhne.

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