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Info On Kitchen Quality

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I am looking around for a kitchen and have champagne taste but lemonade money. I have seen high gloss kitchens up for £1200 with stillhaus inc units, cupboards, worktops and appliances. i have heard mixed stories about them, some bad, some good.


i would only deal with them if i could collect it myself and check each piece as most problems seem to arise from bits missing etc.

i would pay a good local joiner to fit it so no worries there.

has anyone used this company?

what is the difference between a quality kitchen and one that looks the part but is toss? is it the thickness of the frames etc or what they are made out of? i am clueless. from looking at the photos they really look the business.


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You don't need all that crap! Just hungry people with mouths! ;)

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They are very unlikely to let you open them up there. And it'd be a van full, and then you've opened the wrappings and they'll not be packed securely for the journey so you'll risk damaging them.

Do search for Stil Haus Kitchens reviews.

And watch out for


Although the case against him fell through he has lots of kitchen company sites being spammed about at the moment.


Once you spot the style design you'll be more wary of his sites.

They also don't have company info at the bottom of the page.

We got one off t'internet after trawling lots of showrooms and finding the names of the stuff we liked.

saved a fortune.

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