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Ologhai Jones

F T S E Constituent Companies

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I've found a page where the FTSE constituent companies can be found:

My link.

When I look at, say, the FTSE 250's list, it just says 'Data as at: 10/12/2013'. Does anyone know precisely when a new list is published? I think this quarter's decision is being made today, but I don't know how to establish when the constituent list gets updated. It's a shame it doesn't say 'Data as at: 15/09/2013' (or whenever the last quarter's changes were published) so it'd be possible to see it change to a date in December, but I assume 'data as' date is just yesterday's date.

Anyone know how to determine when it changes and when the changed list is available (or from where)?

Thanks in advance.

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From your link...click on "Index Changes", and then the relevant article in the list: Is this what you want?


Thank you. That certainly clarifies when the constituent amendments come into force--effective from the 23rd of December it says.

I'm still not certain when the published lists of constituent companies will reflect the changes, but I suppose it would be safe to assume that the list (as viewed via my original link) during the 23rd would be the new ones.

Thanks again.

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Interesting, thanks.

No probs, the colour scheme is a bit confusing at first, and AIM companies are also listed through don't affect the FTSE All share rankings.

The rules for promotion/relegation to the FTSE250 are based on the idea that if a candidate achieves a market cap of greater than 25 of the existing constituents (based on the reference day's closing prices) then that company will be automatically promoted, and the smallest market cap company in the index will be relegated to the Small Cap index to make way for it. In terms of all share rankings, that means ranked at 325 or above in the All Share rankings.(FTSE100+FTSE250 = FTSE350).

Also, if an existing index constituent has a smaller market cap than 25 candidate companies on the day the reshuffle occurs then relegation is assured, and the highest market cap candidate company replaces the relegated outfit. That means an all share ranking of 375 or below for automatic relegation.

They might seem like ways of saying the same thing, but there are subtle differences. What typically happens on the day the prices are used to reshuffle the index is that a few companies are in line for automatic promotion and a few for automatic relegation. These are balanced off and the residual made up from companies which do not have automatic rights one way or another but are closest to promotion or relegation. These companies will all lie in the rankings 326-375, and the end you start from will be dictated by whether more firms have automatic promotion rights than auto relegation rights.

e.g. As things stand today with the FTSE250, two companies are in line for promotion if the changes were based on 31st Jan prices- 317 & 318 ranked Cineworld and Darty. However, only 1 company is in line for auto relegation, 377 placed Kenmare, so the second promotion place is taken from the next smallest company in the index, 375 placed Dragon Trust, even though they are not in an automatic relegation spot.

The opposite is true for the FTSE 100- two companies are in line for relegation as things stand, and only 1 company is in line for automatic promotion, so the next highest ranked FTSE250 company, 93 place St James Place, will fill the spot left by 112 placed AMEC. Note the FTSE 100 works on 10 places for auto promotion/relegation rather than 25 as for the FTSE 250.

Worth saying that the index could stay the same if no company outside the index achieves an auto promotion spot and simultaneously no company within it sinks enough for auto relegation.

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