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Us - The Poor Are Squeezed As Rental Housing Demand Soars

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Violeta Torres cannot afford her apartment.

Ms. Torres, a 54-year-old nanny, pays $828 a month for a rundown one-bedroom that she keeps spotlessly clean, making the rent by letting an acquaintance sleep on a mattress in the living room for about $400 a month. But her one-bedroom happens to be in the booming neighborhood of Columbia Heights, where such an apartment, once renovated, would easily command twice the price.

As a result, her landlords have been trying to drive the tenants out of the building, she explained in Spanish. The broken fire alarms go off in the middle of the night. The common areas are filthy, and the apartments have been infested by rats, bedbugs and cockroaches.

And in March, she said, the landlords raised the rent. She has simply ignored the additional $261 a month they have demanded, she said, as have her neighbors, most of them also immigrants from El Salvador.

“I don’t have the money,” Ms. Torres said.

She struggles to stay and cannot afford to leave. She makes about $1,000 a month caring for two toddlers. She sends $250 to her mother, who recently emerged from a diabetic coma and needs insulin. And $100 goes to her mother’s caretaker. After rent, that leaves just $200 or $250 for her.

Wow it could fetch twice.... must be a high demand for people to live with rats and cockroaches.

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It seems to be the same thing going on everywhere, it's like a giant game of monopoly where 1% of the players own all the properties.

I wonder what the critical mass of poor/homeless has to become before there is teh will to do anything about it? I am sure history can tell us.

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History seems to tell us that the poor will need a leader to help them rise up, Lenin, Mao, Hitler, Mugabe type characters ...

WW3. There must be record levels pissed off repressed people now in every country in the world.

Hence the NSA spying etc. (Hi there NSA, you reading this post?)

Perhaps a China, Japan conflict will spark it all off, but I guess the 1% don't want that as it will affect their wealth. Having said that Max Keiser was saying the other day that there is now so many billionaires that they will turn on each other.

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