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Wondered Why The 'paris Shooter' Has Gone From Front Page News To 'not News'?

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Actually, I was initially quite pleasantly surprised. The media tend to wildly speculate that the unbalanced individuals in such cases are libertarians/conservatives and then cross their fingers that the facts will show that to be the case (it usually isnt). In this case the media said he was 'white' and went to a 'liberal' newspaper but stopped there, merely implying he was some right wing nut job, allowing the viewer to make their mind up. :lol:

the daily beast conveniently breaks it down for us. (to form our own conclusions, obviously)

Closed-circuit videos show a suspect who is white, 35 to 45 years old, and has salt-and-pepper hair. He wears a dark baseball cap (no insignia), a dark down vest over a pale green sweatshirt and more-or-less matching green shoes with white soles. Sometimes he wears a khaki coat. He carries a bag with a shotgun in it, and maybe (we don’t really believe this) grenades as well.

Annette Lévy-Willard, a staff writer at Libération, theorized in a New York Times op-ed Tuesday that the shooter’s violence may have been spawned by “a strange, febrile atmosphere” in France that has seen a seeming resurgence of right-wing fanaticism, racism and anti-Semitism. But there’s no evidence for that theory at all. Your guess is as good as hers.


Good to know it turns out he's one of 'your guys, huh Annette? A left wing anti capitalist islamist.

Other than that the article rambles on about 'revenge killings' which it seems bears no actual relevance to the actual motivation for the shooting in question. Just another unhinged leftist.

Similar mis-information wilfully spread by the MSM...

The Aurora shooter was supposed to be a tea partier (Nope, just a nutter)

The gabby giffords shooter was supposed to have pictures of sarah Palin adorning his bedroom walls (Nope, just a real nutter)

Adam Lanza was supposed to be a 'prepper' (Nope, just a bullied kid who shot his school up a few years late)

Mohammed Merah was supposed to be a 'white nationalist' as he shot at the blacks in the french army (nope, just a run of the mill anti-army mohamedian)

Conversely Anders Brevik was actually speculated to be a mohamedian as he killed 90%+ white people. Media couldnt even get that right when he actually WAS a RWNJ and when something that fit their agenda was slapped in front, they missed it.

Obviously, when stories like this go from a headline to being buried in 24 hours flat, its a pretty good indication it doesn't fit the media's pro-islamist agenda.

What the Police have actually determined...


French Algerian extremist Abedlhakim Dekhar, 48, is currently in custody after allegedly wounding a press photographer with a shotgun on Monday morning...Police found letters written by Dekhar which referred to Islamism and conflict-ravaged Arab countries including Libya and Syria...Dekhar, nicknamed ‘Toumi’ was under surveillance at the time, because of his links with a variety of radical groups, including would-be Islamist terrorists.

Still, he cant be all bad...

He also attacked the media and capitalism in general, saying they were both part of a 'fascist plot'

No shit sherlock, maybe one day the mohamedian apologists at the BBC will realize they are infidels and fair game too.

Shocking huh.A light skinned muslim. Some algerians could even be called 'white' But i thought 'islam is a race'? That seems to be the basis for his being profiled as a RWNJ. As all white people are obviously gun obsessed and bent on destruction.

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Nice spot. He only looks white in the poor quality CCTV footage though, still it got the left wing press frothing at the mouth.

When you think about it with RAF, Red Brigades etc there have been far more murderous left wing nutjobs (not forgetting Stalin and Mao amongst others) than right wing nutjobs. Still as the lefties always say "they weren't true socialists"[TM].

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