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Pessimists Optimistic With Good News About Bad News

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Vested Interest propaganda is core to the language of sound-bite economics.

Thinking house prices, when I purchase a newspaper, or turn on the news channels on the telly the following should happen when the topic is discussed: If they go up, then it should be reported that house prices have gone up, likewise down for down.

But what I see and hear is “Great News for House Prices” (Up), “Bad for the Housing market” (Down).

Thus it is believed by VI that as I want a house price reduction I am a pessimist (in other words they believe I like bad news).

This is not the case; this cannot be further from the truth.

I like good news.

I am an optimist.

Great news for the property market is a substantial reduction in house prices.

Great news for the long-term prosperity of UK PLC is a substantial reduction in house prices.

“Great News, Violent Crime is on the Up”

“Great News, Bird Flu crosses from Human to Human”

“Things looking up for Petrol Prices as Pump Prices double”


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