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Furnished Let - Who Insures/responsbile For The Contents?

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I am about to move into my first post-student tenancy next week. It is a self-contained flat - i.e. not flat sharing etc., just me.

It is let out fully furnished. I am just getting contents insurance now for my own stuff. Who is responsible for the furnishings 'provided' or let to me by the landlord - From searching online it is all the landlord's problem - is this correct?

The sort of scenarios I am thinking of are say there is a burglary, flood, fire, etc. I would claim on my contents insurance for recovery of losses for my things. Therefore, would it be expected that any damage/theft of landlord's furnishings would be covered by his insurance (or essentially, his liability to recover those losses) ?

I thought it was obvious. But then if I damage the landlord's furnishings, I'm responsible to compensate him at the end of the tenancy through the deposit I pay. Could the managing agent argue that theft while I was staying in the flat is my problem and I should claim those on my contents insurance?

The minimum cover on the contents insurance is really high, even for the cheapest polices through comparison sites, so that in itself is not an issue - i.e. my insurance premium is not increasing as such if the furnishings are covered.

Hope my question makes sense. Please advise.

Many thanks.

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Have you seen a draft contract yet?

Often there is a clause stating that you MUST have contents insurance.

If you are insuring your stuff then you may well find that covering your potential liability to the landlord is marginal cost and piece of mind.

When I first rented the Agency offered a policy what was actually pretty good. Covered my liability to the landlord and had a low insured amount.. I had not accumulated that much stuff at that stage so the low insured sum meant the premium was low too which suited me fine.

Cast around for Tenants Insurance and you may find a policy better suted than if you only search for content insurance.

Good luck and enjoy your own space!

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The LL would be expected to insure their contents against risks such as fire, flood, building faults, theft (not by the tenant), etc. The LL is not responsible and LL's insurance will not cover accidental damage by tenant, negligence by the tenant, damage cause by the tenant's pet or animals, etc.

The tenant would be advised to purchase insurance covering the LL's property in the above circumstances, to avoid having to repay the LL out of pocket (remember, any liability to the LL for damage caused is NOT limited by the deposit a tenant pays. The deposit merely represent money to which the LL has access to without the need to pursue the tenant in court. In other words, if you paid a £1000 deposit, but defaulted on £1000 of rent and caused £5000 of damage, you or your guarantor are fully liable for £5000 in addition to loss of the deposit).

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Brilliant, thanks, to both you of you for your replies.

The contents insurance policy I have now gone with happens to be the cheapest from searching on comparison sites, gives 50% cashback through cashback shopping sites, has a really high (way more than I need) minimum cover level, and automatically includes tenant's liability insurance plus many other 'features'.

A great result over all. Thanks again for your help and information.

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Many contents insurance policies have a clause covering "tenant's liability".

When renting, it's a good idea to have that. It covers you if you're found responsible for damaging anything of the landlord's, including the fabric of the building if, for example, you were to cause a flood or fire (though I daresay they'd take a dim view of anything deliberate)!

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