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The Great House Price Bubble?

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With house prices hitting record highs at the same time as living standards continue to be squeezed, Panorama reporter Adam Shaw goes in search of affordable homes for ordinary working families. He meets dual income households priced out of home ownership altogether and talks to one of the thousands of people being helped onto the property ladder by the government's controversial Help to Buy scheme. New research examines the number of UK households at risk of falling into unsustainable debt with each half percent rise in interest rates.

Clearly there must be some mistake, the property VI's can't allow this to be broadcast.

And he's only meeting ordinary families, I see the problem from the start he needs to speak to hard working families.

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I expect it will show there is no bubble, there is no chance of a bubble and no matter how high prices go we are all better off.

Hmmm - dunno. It suspect it will be actually be a far more bearish/balanced show - maybe another 'Mortgage Madness'. I think the reason the show has been comissioned is so that these days, in this more media sharing age, it's a more prominent stick that the BBC can use to beat those who say it's an institution with an agenda to push HPI as a good thing. This will be an example to show it has 'balance' and is unbiased in such matters.... ;) It can also serve as a tool when it all goes wrong in times to come to show the BBC's incredibly prescient nature....

However, for now Panorama at 8:30pm in an age where most people will be brewing up before Homeland or whatever won't get much notice. It'll be one drop in an ocean of Homes under the Hammer and Breakfast news ramping.

I'm probably wrong though and the key message will be 'Get on the "ladder" right now or you'll never have a home'

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Won't it also be a blame the Conservatives thing as well.

Of course the LibDems are also part of the "coalition" but they seem to have vanished into thin air these days.

Maybe they're spending all their time moderating Conservative policy - as if.

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Thirty one per cent of people paying a mortgage or rent spend more than a third of their disposable income each month doing so, a survey for BBC Panorama suggests.

Housing charity Shelter said that makes mortgage or rent costs "unaffordable".

It said family budgets are being put under "enormous pressure" because of a "shortage of affordable homes".

The survey of 1,003 people also suggests 46% of people think property prices are too high in their area.

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Really wish they'd have put someone to really debate the construction guy and the MP head on. Hell, I'd be confident in ripping them to shreds but their let off lightly with their flimsy arguments.

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This should be mandatory viewing for baby boomers.

I,m going to make the in laws watch this and have them never tell me again how expensive their first house on twice one salary was.

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