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Who Started The Hpi?

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Idle, maybe stupid musing, possibly not worthy of any responses.

Chaos theory, you know, butterfly flaps wings etc.

So, in this, or any previous HPI, was there one seller somewhere, perhaps encouraged by an eager EA, who thought I want to sell my house and I'll take a real punt on the price?

Not what I'm good at but, if this is a realistic idea, would it be possible to trawl the records and locate that property.

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It didn't start so much with one seller but one banker deciding that lower interest rates would avoid a serious recession. Not understanding the laws of economics fully that banker implemented his policy and others around the world followed suit. The banker's name: Big Al Greenspan. However, big Al is not as stupid as his policy has turned out to be as he is resigning just before the fruits of his policies ripen.

Let someone else take the blame thinks Al......

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