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Sancho Panza

English House Prices,jun 2004-Jun 2013,outside M25,it's Pretty Much Where It Was Ten Years Ago

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Offered without defence of the sample,it is what it is.What can I say,I was bored and fascinated by some of the graphs.


B6 Jun 2004-Jun 2013,£81k-£85k

B9 £121k-£86k


B15£220k - £197k


LS3 £123k-£86k

LS6 £179k-£161k

LS9 £73k-£62k


M3 £167k-£198

M6 £82k-£109k

M9 £57k-£95k


S3 £107k-£122k

S6 £125k-£150k

S9 £73k-£80k


BS3 £150k-£201k

BS6 £271k-£294k

BS9 £302k-£356k


NG3 £137k-£146

NG6 £94k-£106k

NG9 £150k-£168k


N3 £336k-£669k

NW3 £610k-£1,289k

E3 £225k-£303k

W3 £255k-£477k

SW3 £727k-£2,174

SE3 £290k-£380k

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House prices were already too high in 2004. Wasn't it 2003 when they incresed by 25% in a year?

IMO Q3 2004 was the peak for most of England, inflation adjusted. The second peak in 2007 was virtually no different than three years earlier in nominal terms, after the small falls in 2005. Moreover if you had tried to sell in 2007 you had probably left it too late.

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General view of the Norwich housing market is that it seems to be up on 2004.

It certainly is in the suburban NR6 postcode:

£153,329 in June 04 to £175,294 in June 13. (Up 14%)*

In the more urban NR3 postcode:

£132,336 in June 04 to £120,620. (Down 9%)*

* if my mathematics are correct.

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