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Proof Journo's Only Report What They Want You To Hear

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OK, we all know journo's are a wee bit biased. We know that they'll try to slant things in their reports, but I never actually imagined they'd out-right lie!

See the article in the Blog about Snow, Snow Snow by SKY.

The first few lines read like this:

Get your snow boots out, make sure your fridge is stocked with soup and your freezer is full of bread - the chance of snow this week is 100%.

According to forecasters, most of Britain will be blanketed with the white stuff from Thursday.

100% chance! Everywhere!

Wow - we're all going to have snow, I thought. The article then rambles on and suddenly in the last few lines the whole thing becomes clear. . .

One Sky expert said: "There will be heavy wintry showers along the coastal regions.

"Heavy snow will fall on high ground such as the Scottish Highlands, parts of Snowdonia and the Pennines and there will be strong to gale-force winds.

"But inland areas will mainly be dry and sunny."

So. . .no snow for most of the country then - only snow along coasts! Not quite 100% then!

Now if SKY can do this to one report about snow along the UK coast, I wonder what journo's are doing to reports about the UK property market. . . .

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My friend

Journalists are in the main half wits. I should know I used to be one! It is one of the reasons I got out; tired of slopiness, no investigation, regurgitating press releases without questions and yes personal bias on stories - from crime through to economics. Journalists are actively courted by VIs, particularly in today's environment. Fact of life.

I'm afraid the only way around it is to

1. ignore those sources you do not like and aim for more in depth sources, generally found on the internet; certainly blogs are now coming to the fore, as the recent Iraqi phosphorous scandal revealled.

2. use the sources you do not like (maybe BBC, SKY etc) as fluff and follow route 1.

If you are looking to mainstream for independent analysis on economics, housing etc you will do yourself a disservice.

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You also have to ask who are the journo's?

I saw a recent TV programme about crime in the UK and one section was on a particular type of crime. A local journo was assiting the main reporter with this section of the programme, simply becuase he was local.

Ironically however, nowhere in his assitance did it show his previous shady history surrounding this particular crime. You needed to know his circle of friends to know that one!

Point is anyone really can become a journo. Never trust them.


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