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So Prices Are Up Again Eh!

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I have a couple of points...

I work in brighton helping people who are on incapacity benefits find work- last week there were about 300 jobs advertised in the local paper- not very many for a city of 250,000 including Hove. Hardly any of these jobs had salaries above 20k, let alone 30k. It always goes quiet this time of year but its not looking good.

I have also been very very busy as there are vast amounts of people claiming these benefits and I see a lot of people in a very difficult situation aswell as a few inevitably playing the system.

So, seems to me that the situation in this country is getting worse- I see it first hand. Not many in people in brighton can afford a garage let alone a one bed flat at 150k - let alone a house over 250k!

Its all a load of cr*p that houses will keep rising!

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