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I'm about 2+ years away from moving back to Sheffield Area but thought I'd do a bit of research before going back on areas to live so I can keep an eye out on prices. Additionally I think 2 years we'll start seeing the end of this Help2buy scheme and potentially the start of interest rates rising so figuring it could be a good time to hunt for a deal.

Reason for moving is I'll have been on a remote rock for a few years away from the family and figure I need to look to moving back - as I simply can't afford to buy here - where as if I Keep saving I'll have a 50% ish deposit ready for a house once I secure a job.

That deposit here would equate to 20-25% as a scale of comparison for my current local prices - but then I wouldn't be able to afford to buy a place unless I want a crippling mortgage.

So I'm figuring; move back to England, in a lower paid job but mortgage substantially lower than current rent. All evens itself out despite lower wage - also I reckon this would be maybe the 2nd to last time I move - so would be loitering here for 10+ years.

Anyway - I'm rambling.

I'll have a budget of 120k tops.

And would want to live around Sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster or Rotherham areas. Saying that I am open to other suggestions.

Any one got any suggestions of locations in these districts I should be keeping my eye on?

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A bit difficult to say without knowing what sort of property you would ideally be after and some idea of what your interests are. You say "back to Sheffield area" so where did you live before and did you like it there?

However how about Chapeltown (S35) as a barometer of prices and as a good location for keeping your options open.

Chapeltown has good train links to Sheffield (15 minutes), Barnsley (15 minutes). 5 minutes from the M1, it is close to the countryside and it has a little centre with shops and pubs etc.

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Barnsley is definitely worth a look, house prices have suffered recently but there are some good bargains to be had off Huddersfield Rd in the centre, known as 'old town'. You could pick up a good 'buy to let' now with finance and then convert to a residential mortgage and move in yourself when you move back. Also the council have just announced that some shelved redevelopment in the town centre is to go ahead which will help revitalise the town and could impact on property values.

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I was in Penistone.

But I'm open to any area.

I'm not getting a flat.

Will go for the right Terraced House or a Semi. From what I've seen detached is too much of a stretch. I'd love a garden big enough to grow veggies in too but that's a side point. I like hills too - hills mean less chance of flooding

I have personally been looking around the Gawber area of Barnsley too

Thanks for the info/links aswell. All worth digesting - hadn't considered Chapeltown so I'll have a look!

Been doing the maths and can go up to 140k reasonably enough too

I was so wrong on the Help2Buy scheme too ending soon !

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