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The Masked Tulip

Aquarian Horoscope For Monday

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I am getting worried about Jonathan Cainer's horoscope for Aquarians on Monday:

Shakespeare said, 'neither a borrower, nor a lender be.' This, though, was in the days before mortgages and credit cards. Debt makes the world go round. The economy would collapse if everyone took his advice. There's no shame in being financially stretched. Companies, all over the world, charge too much for their goods yet pay their workers too little. The resultant chaos is the fault of a crazy culture, not personal profligacy. There. Does that make you feel better about your financial situation? Well then, try this. It's due to improve soon.

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Perhaps we should all become multi-millionaire astrologers...

'Sign writer':


A liberal and one-time anarchist who opposes the war in Iraq, the country's favourite astrologer has the tabloids falling over each other ready to pay him millions


...he can't resist a prediction to satisfy everyone: 'We are not going to see a recession in the next eight years. Venus will not allow it at a physical level.'

So there it is in black and white: Venus in transit = No HPC. TTRTR will be pleased.

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