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Bedroom Sniffing Council Tax Review

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It occurs to me, the whole point of the Council Tax review is to suck more money off the punters by stealth (we didn't put up the tax, you were just rebanded). But I have a few questions that maybe someone could enlighten me on:

  • Is the intent that the two bottom bottom bands disappear altogether or will changes be identified on a relative basis to the overall value span of the particular market?
  • What happens if the crash comes before they have done it (I reckon it will take them about 2 years). Will that mean that the house next door that got rebanded in March will have a different council tax rate to the house that was rebanded in December?
  • What if the crash happens sooner rather than later and they find that they have to reband everything down instead of up?

The other question I have is about how they are going to continuously change the assessments.

  • Are they going to do it once a year (creating a few thousand more pointless roles in the bureaucracy) or on a declaration basis.
  • Its pretty obvious from the valuations that have been happening during the last 5 years that a lick of paint and a quaint fireplace can add 30K to the value of your house, so will people need to declare their new faux Edwardian fireplace?
  • Would it make financial sense to smear faeces through the carpet and grime on the walls the day before the visit? (and move the nice new leather lounge into the back yard).

Does anyone have any insider information they could share?

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