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Checking Out Of Flat

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I am moving out of my flat in just over a week. I rent off a landlord who initially advertised the property through a letting agent, however the LA had nothing to do with me after moving in, he just used them to find a tenant. He was responsible for the repairs and maintenance of the place.

He has been an okish sort of amateur LL who got stuff done that needed doing. I handed my notice in via E mail and asked him to respond, which he did with a short "Thank you for your communication regarding the termination of your tenancy agreement."

He lives in Spain and I imagine he is going to get his friend who lives locally to do the checkout with me. My concerns at this point in time are,

My deposit is registered with the LA, not the LL (under the deposit protection scheme). I have contacted the LA and they say the LL has to send them an E Mail after checkout stating which deductions (if any) are to be taken. Once agreed I have to send an E Mail to the LA either agreeing or disputing the LL's assessment.

My LL seems a total amateur really and I can imagine his friend turning up with no paperwork for us to sign on the checkout day. I figure, no paperwork evidence will make life hard for me if he tries to not refund my deposit.

I am thinking of typing out an inventory check (I still have the one I signed back in 2009) along with the electric readings. I can just imagine how hard it would be for me to chase up a LL who lives in Spain if he turns out to be unreasonable about all this

any ideas on what you would insist on being listed and signed on the day?

All opinions gratefully received!

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Use a webcam to record the entire interaction between you and the firend, and make sure that you ask the right questions such as 'why don't you have an inventory?' Often in these situations, LLs and their agents will make promises that are mysteriously forgotten later.

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I have been in a similar position and it is not too complicated. Firstly get your LL to formally nominate a checking out agent. It can be his friend, but you need to have it in writing from the LL. Next, make 2 copies of your original invoice. At the end write a line stating something along the lines of "Checkout satisfactory iaw this inventory". Get the agent to sign and date both copies, and give one copy to the agent. Do not hand the keys over until the document is signed. Your LL will find it very difficult to claim any deductions after this.

Even though you paid the deposit to the LA, it should still be protected. Any dispute over deductions has nothing to do with the LA. If it was never protected, then you are laughing!!

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