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Unpublished Interview With Hugh Hefner's Frustrated Former Butler

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He adds: “If you got a toot for [the girls] you get laid immediately. So most of the disgusting old men up there bring coke with them to try to get laid”.

The interview moves on to discuss the celebrity visitors to the mansion, with the butler claiming that politicians and mainstream celebrities stay away from the parties because he feels Playboy had developed something of a bad reputation.

He adds, however, that a large number of “has-beens with nothing to lose” visit the Playboy Mansion as the widely available food, drink and sex appeals to celebrity “freeloaders”.

The butler then goes on to question exactly how much these visitors actually enjoy the company of Hefner – who he describes as “not that likeable of a person”.

To be fair free drink, food and sex isn't just going to appeal to celebrity "freeloaders" I think that will appear to most freeloaders not just the celebrity type.

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Sex, arguably, has always been the way to get on in the Media interest in the US and UK.

Arguably it is still true today.

If you read the stories of how certain famous actors - of both genders - got started in their careers then it can often involve sex with richer, powerful people. For some, it involves continuing in this mode and, towards the end of careers, some still have to do such things.

On the plus side, they get to become very wealthy for doing very little - beats working - and they become very famous which feeds the ego within them.

Of coure, some just do it for fun - because they enjoy it.

You can go back 60 or 70 years in Hollywood and read about the things that people allegedly got up to - makes you wonder what actually went on. Nowadays, various Hollywood gossip sites give often revealing insights into modern day Hollywood.

Makes you wonder what is going on that we don't know about.

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