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Stop Buying Big Houses And Give More To Charity, Boris Johnson Tells Super-Rich

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Rich people should give more of their “colossal wealth” to charity and stop spending their cash on “the biggest possible house they can”, Boris Johnson has said.

Boris being a bit populist here.

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Does he have a mate who's a chief exec of a charity ?

Charities may not be too fond of Boris - not so good at the giving business himself...


"Strongarmed" by his then aide Nick Boles to give up a fifth of his £250,000 Daily Telegraph earnings to charity Boris is said to have exclaimed:
"It's outrageous! I've been raped! I've been raped!"

Boris apparently bitterly resents what he calls this "Boles Tax" and has so far only donated a fraction of the sums he publicly committed to.


Homelessness charities fear that the London mayor, Boris Johnson, has skimmed off more than £5m of government funding intended to help rough sleepers and diverted it to other purposes.The cash has gone missing from Johnson's budget for support for rough sleepers, which is wholly underwritten by Whitehall. Repeated efforts by the charities have failed to win assurances that it will be restored

Nice guy - he just wants all the houses himself.


Seems charity friends are popular though...



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A rich bloke telling other rich people not to buy big houses but to donate to charity, is he joking.

I wouldn't donate to a large charity they are just money making machines for those who work there. Some of them do more harm than good, Shelter being a prime example.

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Guest unfunded_liability

I don't know why they even bother pretending any more. They may as well come round your house shag your missus and steal your first born.

errm, isn't that exactly what Boris did? :unsure:

Cuckolded By Boris

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Mayor Johnson Says London Unlikely to Suffer House-Price Crash

By Kitty Donaldson -


London Mayor Boris Johnson said the capital's house prices are suffering from "serious inflation" and demand for property is so high there's unlikely to be a house-price bubble that then bursts.

Johnson was speaking a day after Prime Minister David Cameron announced that the second phase of the government's "Help to Buy" program will start next week, three months earlier than planned. Cameron and other ministers have dismissed criticism that the plan, to aid Britons frozen out of the property market by the need for high deposits, will create an unsustainable property boom.

"I do think you are seeing very serious inflation in house prices in London," Johnson said in an interview today near Manchester, northern England, where he's attending his party's annual conference. "Whether that is likely to produce a popping of that bubble, a very big fall in house prices, I slightly doubt, because the natural demand is so strong."



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...because the natural demand is so strong."

There should be Help to Buy Ferraris because the natural demand is so strong.

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should read "stop buying 10 houses at a time and give our future workforce somhere to live and raise a family"

no need for central planning milliband style....but if not complied with,it will most certainly result in a backlash of bastille proportions.

not because the revolting peasants want to steal the loot....because the revolting peasants have had enough and just want them dead..period.

it's going to make the french revolution look like the dress rehearsal before act 1 scene1 of the opening night.

this ain't class war....just war,

bread and circus doesn't cut it any more.

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Electioneering. Once they are back in for 5 years they can ignore the plebs again.

not this time.

this time really is different.

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