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Bbc Bias

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"And it's undeniable there is bias, and it's that smug, condescending kind. Now I don't mind if someone is overtly biased, I can deal with that, the viewer can discern it, but what I can't stand is this pretence of impartiality. Bias, of whatever kind, starts with the decision to choose a subject and how to handle it. I am all for varied opinion, controversy, but I can't stand the pretence that it is even-handed and must be so because it is sanctified by the BBC."

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Everything has a "bias", even me! :blink:

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You have a biased opinion of your own bias ?


See the other obvious threads on here. People believe what they want to believe, and normally go out and find something to back that belief up.

I actually like my beliefs to be questioned! Sometimes I find I am wrong! :blink: This would make me a great scientist, or a bad one depending on the source of funding! :o

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