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I've just been introduced to this Google program, free to download. It's a map of the world that you can zoom in & out of all over the planet. For large cities they have details that you can see down to the cars and people in the street.

Take a look, I'm sure you'll be as amazed as me.


Get with the program. Google earth has been around for ages now.

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I think this is the 3rd thread to give it a mention. It is so good though it's worth bringing up again.

Sledge, the main difference is the earth has been depth mapped so you can tilt the camera. I'm awful at explaining things, have a look:

Grand canyon


Hoover Dam


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Yes, Google:earth is kinda old news, sorry TTRTR :P Great little program though and great fun to use. Has anyone else noticed they have removed the area around the whitehouse, well they had in the version I used a few months back, though you are free to zoom in on Area 52(or is it 51?).

Anyone checked out Google Desktop yet? It indexes your HD's and allows you to search for files on your computer using the google interface. You can search by filename or for words appearing in files, beats the crappy Windows search facility hands down, take a while for it to index your filesystem though. It also has a groovy sidebar with some neat feautres, scratchpad for jotting quick notes that are saved on shutdown, a little map which is basically google earth, weather information, system monitor, to do list and all kinds of stuff.

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