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Scotland Yard To 'downgrade' Police Entry Tests To Allow For Ethnic Minorities

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Bosses believe people who do not have English as their first language are being discriminated against under current assessment rules.

They have recommended the weighting placed on the “Written Communication” section of the Metropolitan Police’s tough entrance exam is lowered.

However, they fear a “white backlash” among rank and file officers who feel they have already been passed over for promotion.

Home Affairs Committee chairman, MP Keith Vaz, said last night any move to drop standards would be “insulting” to ethnic minority candidates themselves, and would risk losing public cofidence.

I'm more concerned about the technicalities this might create for criminals if boxes haven't been ticked or if forms have been filled out incorrectly because someone doesn't understand English. The first time Mr Rapist gets off because Johnny Foreigner PC Plod has filed in the form incorrectly the UK press is going to have a field day.

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This has been going on since the late 70s with the abolition of height requirements...

My question is why on earth would any white brit actually willingly immerse themselves in the refugee camp that is the London underclass, must be pretty soul destroying, even with a London salary addition.

I think its a good idea, albeit probably for different reasons than the left wing establishment does...should do the same with teachers and hospital workers too, we all know the terrible emotional ordeal Diane Abbott went through in the 90s when she once saw some blonde nurses, the poor dear.

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