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Telegraph On Btl Ramping Today

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But if you want to join the band of buy-to-let landlords, it’s vital to buy the right properties and manage them properly. We asked experienced property investor Graham White, who has about 10 properties worth more than £1m collectively, how to do this – and how to avoid the mistakes that many first-timers make.

Graham’s top 10 tips

1 Try to buy something that is not very old

Try to buy something that is not very old – this will mean less maintenance down the line. As lovely as a period two-bedroom house sounds, you’re not going to be living in it. Do not get carried away about any purchase as a home. It is a business deal.


5 Try to avoid run-down areas.

Quite simply, this will have a direct relationship with the type of tenant you will attract – and poor-quality tenants will cost you money.

6 Do not give the game away

When you are viewing a property as a possible purchase, do not give the game away to the sales agent or vendor about how much you like the place. It will work against you at the offer stage.

Buy to let: can you afford not to?

Comment: some think buy to let is morally repugnant, but the numbers look increasingly compelling.

Buying property to let has never seemed so controversial. It is disapproved of and regarded as morally questionable, even repugnant.

You only have to look on some of the related links below, where readers comment widely on the subject, to see how angry it makes people. Buying-to-let is seen as greedy, exploitative, damaging to the hopes of younger generations – and so on.

This attitude is new, or at least far more extreme than the prevailing attitude toward buying-to-let before the financial crisis. In 2006 and 2007, amateur landlords spoke freely about their expanding portfolios of flats and houses. They attended seminars and read books on the subject and discussed it with friends over dinner.


Yet the financial case for buying-to-let – all moral or social issues aside – has rarely seemed so compelling. There are many reasons for this, but the big game changer of late has been the dramatic increase in the availability of cheap landlord mortgages, especially for those with big sums to put down.

The Telegraph appears to be on a BTL push today.

It appears there are compelling reasons to join the frenzy!

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The stampede for the door when these ass clowns try to get out at the same time is going to be something, isn't it? I suppose it is morally questionable to enjoy the prospect of their demise, but what can you do when they're queuing round the block to throw their money away?

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