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Council Tax Revaluation

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There are some rumblings on the street about council tax revaluation and I received a letter from some claim firm offering to help in return for 30%.

I've lived here for over 2 years so I'm looking at £250+ if successful. Is it something there's a realistic chance of resolving yourself or should I just fill the ambulance chaser,s forms in?

Anyone done it?

Should add the issue looks like our houses cost more than we expect, similar to bigger, better local houses bit not our street. Its not a simple I pay more than my neighbours issue.

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I suppose if several houses on your road try it that there is more of an argument than just one person.

I would avoid the ambulance chasers though as I doubt the Council will roll over quickly and costs would mount. Much better to get your neighbours organised as a group themselves.

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I tried it via one of these claims companies about a year ago. Trying to get my 2 bed flat downgraded from B to A was unsuccessful.

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It's easy enough to do it yourself. Moneysaving expert has a good guide.


I'm in a terrace - and my house was the only one on band D (rest were on band C) so I figured the case was pretty solid. Very little hassle - contacted them and they sent a guy out within the month. He'd already made up his mind to re-evaluate us as soon as he arrived.

The rules may vary - but he backdated it 6 years so the previous owners should have pretty done well out of it.

There is a section on the form for putting your case. I guess a flurry of applications saying similar things from your neighbours would probably help.

Like many things in life, it depends on whether you want to make the effort to learn it yourself. But if your neighbourhood has a few oldies, I imagine one may have enough time and motivation to look into on the rest of you's behalf. In these circumstances it can pay to have a few middle class boomers around as many have been paid up members of the awkward squad all of their lives.

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