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Farage Has Something In Common With Us Rapper

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Both seem to be the victim of the left wing University of Edinburghs even more left wing student union and its attempts to ban, marginalize, run out of town but at the same time stop people from leaving town manifestations.


I wonder if nightlife in Edinburgh is like a victorian church service, or, as I suspect, all the little hitlers in the EUSA are dirty, scantily clad hypocrites after about half nine.

Presumably they'll also be banning Olivia NJ's lets get physical video too for its obviously highly sexist content of near naked men being objectified whilst ONJ keeps her kit on?

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There've always been killjoys. Back in the day they'd have been voting for Oliver Cromwell.

If they banned Christmas, I'd relocate to Edinburgh in a heartbeat.

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Who am I supposed to root for? Student unions have always been full of wa*kers. But on the other hand, Blurred Lines is probably the toss-iest song of the year, sung by a right to**er.

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